03 November 2014

I spent the summer in San Francisco and on my last weekend I decided to geek out big way. I teamed up with @t0rsten to join the San Francisco VR Hackathon. Our expectations were low and our primary motivation was to have some dedicated time to tinker with a new cool tech called WebVR.

To our big surprise, we actually won 1st prize in the web-based VR category with our photo gallery application “MedExplorer”. A recording of our presentation is on YouTube:

The main challenge that we and most of the other WebVR teams faced was to get WebVR working at all. We literally spend 90% of the time to find a working browser build and figuring out how the API works.

As announced in the presentation we want to help other developers to get up to speed faster and publish our minimal demos on GitHub.

The following demos are the first drop and heavily based on the great work of Vladimir Vukićević and Brandon Jones:

Suggestion, comments, critique? Please drop me a note. Feedback is always appreciated!

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